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Meet Your Hearing Emma Durivage 1

Emma Durivage, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology

Meet Emma Durivage, Au.D.

Advocate for Hearing Loss

“In high school, I met a friend who had been born with hereditary hearing loss. It was my first interaction with someone who wore hearing aids and needed them in order to participate in everyday life. She inspired me to do more research about the field of audiology and become an advocate for those who have hearing loss.” 

Education: Doctorate in Audiology, Arizona State University; Bachelor’s of Science, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Arizona State University

Contributions: I have volunteered at the HLAA Walk for Hearing organization multiple years in a row. It is a great event that brings attention to hearing loss and promotes the importance of hearing health. I have also volunteered my time conducting employee hearing screenings through Arizona State University. I have been involved in multiple aural rehabilitation groups for adults with hearing loss and their spouses. The program helped patients understand their hearing loss and how to effectively use their hearing devices as well as helping the spouses learn how to better communicate with their loved one.

Personal Interests: My hobbies include baking sweet treats, playing with my dog, and shopping with my mom and grandmother.

Rewarding Career

“I find it rewarding when a patient returns for a follow up and is excited about their hearing instruments. It is a great feeling knowing that they were able to participate in conversations with their spouse easier, go out to a restaurant with friends, or understand their favorite TV show better.”

Committed To Every Individual Patient

“I feel that the way I can best help those with a hearing impairment is with my counseling skills. I believe that one of the most important aspects of an appointment is to get to the root of a patient’s needs. I pride myself on giving patient-centered care and allowing the patient to be involved in the process of better hearing. I base my recommendations and treatments by listening to my patient’s concerns.”