Recently you might have been diagnosed with tinnitus by your audiologist. Tinnitus is a condition that causes individuals to hear sounds that aren’t actually there. No one else but you will be able to hear these noises be it a whistling, a buzzing or even a piece of music. But to you they will seem very real indeed. It can impact your quality of life, affecting your ability to concentrate or indeed sleep. Many people with this condition think that the problem gets worse at night. However, this is simply when it is most noticeable due to the silence. You probably have a few questions about the condition that you want answered.

Is it curable?

Unfortunately, as your audiologist will likely tell you, tinnitus is not curable. Tinnitus can last from anything between three months and one year. The longer you have it, the more likely it is that the condition is permanent. However, it is entirely possible that one day the symptoms disappear randomly.

Are there treatment options?

There are many treatment options that your audiologist may recommend including masking the noise. Using a medically approved device that can be inserted in your ear, the noise can be masked often by producing white noise. You can purchase hearing aids with this capability. You may also want to think about using your own device to mask the noise. For instance, having the TV on at a low volume through the night may be enough to make sure that you can’t hear the buzzing or whistling anymore.

Am I losing my hearing?

While it’s possible that your tinnitus is a sign of hearing loss, for many people it is a completely separate condition. Typically, your audiologist will perform a hearing test and this will tell them whether you are experiencing any level of hearing loss. Even without hearing loss, tinnitus can make hearing more difficult. This is why many people with the condition do choose to use hearing aids to elevate the noise around them over the noise caused by their condition.