Hearing Aid Repair

Your hearing aids are essential to your everyday life. From communicating with family, friends and coworkers to running errands, your hearing aids play an integral role in accomplishing what you need to do.

Because hearing aids are incredibly advanced pieces of technology, they can require repairs from time to time. With small electronic components and delicate pieces wired together to help you hear, hearing aids can need repairs for a multitude of reasons.

Desert Hearing Care is happy to help service your hearing aids. Our professionals can take care of simple repairs on-site, in addition to performing maintenance and cleanings.

Troubleshooting hearing aid problems

There are a number of small things that can cause your hearing aids to perform poorly, and some of these are simple fixes you can do at home. If your hearing aids aren’t working properly, check the following:

  • Cleaning: Something as small as earwax in a port can cause your hearing aids to sound muffled or whistle. When your hearing aid isn’t working, try cleaning it off with a dry cloth and following the instructions provided by your hearing provider.
  • Check the settings: Most hearing aids have multiple settings for different listening environments. Check your settings to make sure they are in the correct mode.
  • Check your volume: As silly as it sounds, it’s possible your hearing aid isn’t working simply because the volume is turned down! View your volume settings to make sure they’re at the right level.
  • Change your batteries: Low hearing aid batteries or old ones can cause your hearing aid to malfunction. Try switching out your current batteries with a fresh, new pair and see if that solves the problems.

Hearing aid repairs

If the above troubleshooting steps don’t fix your hearing aids, schedule an appointment with Desert Hearing Care. If you’re a current patient and didn’t purchase your hearing aids through our practice we are still happy to assist you with device issues. Our professionals can perform a number of different hearing aid repairs in our office to minimize the time you have to spend without your devices.

If your hearing aids have been severely damaged, whether deeply cracked or exposed to water, we can still help you. We will send your device back to the manufacturer and work with them to establish a timeline for when your hearing aids will be repaired and back in your ears.

Learn more about what Desert Hearing Care can do to keep your hearing aids working in optimal shape.