Hearing Protection

Experts estimate that nearly one in five Americans have hearing loss. Whether mild or severe, hearing loss can drastically impact the way you communicate with the world and complete your day-to-day activities.

With hearing loss numbers on the rise, it’s important to know there are ways to help preserve your hearing. One of the easiest ways to prevent hearing loss is by utilizing appropriate ear protection when exposed to loud or damaging noises.

At Desert Hearing Care we understand how important your hearing health is to your everyday life, that’s why we offer a number of different protection options for your auditory system. From custom earplugs to earmolds, we have something to ensure you and your hearing remain in prime shape.

Custom earplugs

There are a number of options when it comes to earplugs and hearing protection. For the highest level of protection, custom-made earplugs can be fit to your ears specifically. This means they’re not only more comfortable, but they’re tailored to your ears and needs. Earplugs are generally worn in the canal and can provide hearing protection in the following environments:

  • Concerts
  • Sleeping
  • Swimming
  • Work
  • Sporting events
  • Firework displays

Talk more with the professionals at Desert Hearing Care to determine if you would benefit from earplugs and what options are best for your particular needs.

Custom earmolds

We offer an extensive line-up of earmolds for your hearing protection needs. Earmolds provide a less-intrusive fit on the outer ear and can be purchased with a filtered attenuator, which allows you to hear verbal communication, but still blocks out the damaging noise. Earmolds can be soft and spongy or solid, and can be custom-made to precisely fit your ears. They come in full-shell and half-shell varieties, with full-shell providing protection in the highest noise levels and half-shell recommended for more mid-line exposure to noise.

Musician earplugs and monitors

Hearing protection is especially important for musicians with how much exposure they have to damaging noise levels. Musician earplugs are different than typical ones, however; they must block out damaging noise, but still let the sounds musicians need to hear through. These are often equipped with filtered attenuators, allowing musicians to hear the sounds they need to perform.

In-ear musician monitors are a popular option for musicians performing in front of large audiences. These are the standard in current hearing protection and enable the musician to hear the music they are performing as the audience would, while still be protected against damaging noise levels.

Regardless what you’re looking for in your hearing protection, Desert Hearing Care offers something suitable for everyone’s needs. Schedule an appointment with one of our professionals to learn more about your options.