Patient Testimonials

Desert Hearing Care has been providing professional hearing care services to the East Valley for over 45 years. We are an independent practice, carrying the Valley’s largest selection of major brand hearing instruments, and therefore can fit you with the best hearing care solution for your needs. Here are just a few quotes from our valued and satisfied customers:

“Gene and “his team” are fantastic – Professional and Personal.  Great help was given in helping me discover that I had insurance for my hearing aids.  I would absolutely recommend Desert Hearing Care.  I am hearing with my hearing instruments what I was not able to hear before.  Sound is crisp and clear.  I love them and would hate to be without them.”

– Barry S., Mesa, AZ

“Hearing conversations and the TV is much improved over the old instruments.  Some initial fit and noise problems were taken care of quickly and efficiently.”

– Emmy A., Mesa, AZ

“The staff is always so friendly and patient to listen and help.  It does take a while to get comfortable with new aids for someone like me.  I am 98 ½ years old!  It makes such a difference.  I can now go to church and enjoy it. I tell everyone “don’t be afraid of hearing aids!”.”

– Joeye D.., Sun Lakes, AZ

“I like every aspect of Desert Hearing Care. The providers really know everything about hearing instruments. I have been wearing hearing aids since 1992 and Desert Hearing Care has been the best place I’ve ever been. They are the most knowledgeable, the most courteous, and have the most caring and compassionate staff.”

– Marie D.., Sun Lakes, AZ

” I learned more about my hearing aids in one visit to Desert Hearing Care than I did in 2 years from my old provider. Thank you so much! ”

– Wesley W.., Portland, OR

“You will not find a more trusted source- Angels, every one of them, when it came to my mom’s care. Thank you so much from Ann’s family! ”

– Darlene M.., Mesa, AZ

“They are very thorough and honest. You can’t find better hearing CARE.”

– Dolores B.., Mesa, AZ

“Prompt service and very helpful – then no charge. WOW! Will return.”

– Mitzie D.., Mesa, AZ

” No pressure. Good explanation of problems with my existing aids. ”

– Bob R.., Green Cove Springs, FL

” Very pleasant on the phone. Great service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

– Lenny R.., Mesa, AZ

” They saw me without an appointment and dried out my disabled aids. Thanks so much!.”

– Donna S.., Mesa, AZ

” I’ve been coming to Desert Hearing Care for quite a few years. Always friendly and professional. I wouldn’t keeep coming back if it were different.”

– Eddie B.., Mesa, AZ

” What I like best about Desert Hearing Care is the personal aspect. They answered my questions thoroughly and gave advice as to where I can receive help in Colorado. A VERY positive experience again!.”

– Keith S.., Mesa, AZ

” Such a delightful group of people. Always willing to answer all of my questions.”

– Charlie H.., Gold Canyon, AZ

” I like being able to hear everything more clearly.”

– Philip P.., Sun Lakes, AZ

” I like coming to the office. It’s clean and everybody is friendly. Great location.”

– Eileen D.., Sun Lakes, AZ

“If I knew anyone that would benefit from your services, I would definitely refer them to Desert Hearing Care. I like the friendliness and appreciate the financial accommodations offered to me.”

– Clayton G., Sun Lakes, AZ

“Very helpful. Cheerful and prompt service. Problem solved! Completely satisfied!”

– Dennis M., Mesa, AZ

“Professional – Kind people. Excellent products & results. Clean – Pleasant surroundings. Good people – Good Products – Good Place!”

– Greg W., Mesa, AZ

“I don’t know why anyone would go anywhere else for their hearing aids. Desert Hearing really takes care of their patients!”

– Ron, Mesa, AZ

“The personnel is outstanding! Very ‘people oriented'”

– Ken S., Mesa, AZ

“Thoroughly explained my loss. Better test than I have had elsewhere. Desert Hearing Care is to be highly recommended!”

– Ann A., Mesa, AZ

“If I knew anyone that would benefit from your services, I would definitely refer them to Desert Hearing Care. I like the friendliness and appreciate the financial accommodations offered to me.”

– Clayton G., Sun Lakes, AZ

“High integrity, super professionalism, thorough examinations, instructions and product knowledge. This new CROS system is Phenomenal! Thank you for sweetening my “hearing life”.”

– Sara L., Mesa, AZ

“Make an Appointment! Gene offered me a choice of what he thought would be the best instrument for my hearing and it has really helped! The staff is always very friendly and helpful in the office and on the phone.”

– Barry A., Sun Lakes, AZ

“I found the staff to be friendly, courteous, professional and prompt. The investigation into my insurance coverage was rapid and straight forward. These hearing aids have helped me to hear things that had become difficult to understand. Groups are better understood with them.”

– Chester Z., Mesa

“Prompt, trustworthy service. Gene did not try to over or undersell me. I hear my wife better and hear better in meetings.”

– Paul S., Sun Lakes

“Anyone with a severe hearing problem should go to a professional such as Gene who will know what the patient needs and can fit them efficiently. I am on my third set of hearing instruments and this has been my most satisfactory experience by far! My all around hearing is better and my husband is happy!”

– Nancy S., Mesa

“Gene was very professional yet friendly and answered all of our questions. He was most accommodating. I can now understand conversations better and watch TV in the same room as my wife without the volume so loud that she gets a headache.”

– Howard L., Sun Lakes

“The staff is friendly and especially good with older patients. They keep up to date with the latest technology in hearing instruments and match up the patient’s needs to the technology that is most fitting to them.”

– Roy C. and Eleanor J., Mesa

“I am now able to hear in a crowded situation.”

– Clara A., Mesa

“The change from in the ear to behind the ear electronics allowed a quantum jump in power and a significant improvement in hearing ability. I have told friends that your services and professionalism are first rate!”

– Richard W., Mesa

“The hearing instruments I purchased this year are the best I have ever had. I truly can hear better than I have for as long as I can remember. I have told friends and neighbors that they will receive top-notch care from a really professional group. Thank you Gene!”

– Chuck O., Mesa

“I wasn’t pressured to buy and was given many choices. Gene was very patient with me and the staff is fun and friendly. I am so pleased! I am hearing the birds much louder now and I love it! I can also travel with the windows down in the car now without it affecting my hearing instruments. ”

– Eddie B., Mesa

“My hearing is very much impaired. I use the volume adjustments while watching TV with my wife or in a public place lice a restaurant or church. I have recommended your services to friends and I feel your skill and patience will correct their hearing loss as much as possible.”

– Bob L., Mesa

“I needed hearing assistance and received superb service from the professionals at Desert Hearing Care. I strongly recommend their services to anyone needing hearing evaluations and accommodating services. Thanks for being so caring and professional about my hearing difficulties.”

– Larry C., Gold Canyon

“Mr. Erickson is very professional and very knowledgeable. The best computerized testing equipment provided me with the only hearing instruments that worked for my hearing loss. I can now hear my grandchildren. I can understand the conversations at dances with the background music and I can hear the conversation when traveling by car. I have already recommended Desert Hearing Care to several friends.”

– Peter L., Mesa

“Desert Hearing Care’s staff is very professional and very caring. Gene takes his time to make sure you understand everything. I realize how much I have missed in not hearing!”

– Jan R., Mesa

“The people are friendly and the service is very good. I can’t hear without them!”

– Jaye D., Sun Lakes

“The people are very friendly and professional. They know the hearing aids they are selling. I have recommended Desert Hearing Care to two people. They both purchased hearing aids and are very happy with them.”

– Jim C., Mesa

“Mr. Erickson was both efficient in his evaluation of my hearing loss and has an excellent professional polite manner. I don’t have to say “what?” as often nor turn up the volume as loud anymore.”

– Christy O., Mesa

“I had a very good experience. Gene is very professional and did an excellent job on all levels of testing and hearing aid selection. After getting hearing aids I can hear conversations at dinner, from the back seat in the car and in a room with a group of people. Thank you for caring!”

– Ray B., Mesa

“I like these hearing aids! I think they are the best I have ever had!”

– Gerald P., Mesa

“I would recommend you highly. We have a new sound system at church and I have to turn my hearing aids down. It’s great!”

– Betty J., Mesa

“It has been wonderful. I was having a lot of problems hearing in groups and had to have the T.V. on so loud. I told my friend that my hearing aids help him talk plainer and he does not mumble anymore. I am totally satisfied!”

– Jan M., Mesa

“Professional services provided in a clean, quiet, calm and unhurried way. The Oticon aids are an improvement on prior aids. The Connect Line Streamer adds advances that were not possible before. TV, cell phone and land line hearing is vastly improved. It’s also fun to connect the aids directly to an IPod or TV / Radio on a plane.”

– Derek H., Sun Lakes

“I knew that my hearing was getting worse but was procrastinating doing anything about it. When I realized that my hearing loss was beginning to be a major obstacle at work I knew I had to do something about it. Now that I’ve had my hearing aids for over a year, I wonder why I waited so long to get them. They definitely have improved the quality of my life at home, socially, and at work. Desert Hearing Care has professional and friendly staff in a convenient location. They are competitively priced and offer quality products”

– Barbara C., Apache Junction

“I had not realized how much my old units had deteriorated until I tried the new ones. You represent an excellent manufacturer. You have a good location. And, you have good service at, a reasonable price.”

– John K., Chandler

“Gene Erickson, and all of their employees, have been a pleasure and joy to deal with. The diagnosis and solution to your hearing problems are thoroughly explained, and you are given choices for your treatment. I now hear all the conversation in meetings and no longer ask questions on subjects which have already been addressed, nor repeat statements already made.”

– Doug M., Queen Creek

“My previous hearing aids were analog – not very good. The digital hearing aids I now have from Desert Hearing Care are very good! Life is so much easier and better for me and for all those around me now.”

– Lynn M., Mesa

“Very good service – competent, professional. My daughter very much appreciates the fact that she no longer has to repeat, repeat. Life is more comfortable when you hear what is going on.”

– Wilda B., Mesa

“Convenient location with good “up-to-date” aids & good professional service.”

– Richard H., Sun Lakes

“Desert Hearing Care has opened up the world for me. I am able to hear my friends and I hear my appliances that are working and most important not working. I now work as a volunteer, I didn’t before because I couldn’t hear people correctly. I am able to be a giver of my life and not a taker.”

– Georgette H., Mesa

“Desert Hearing Care is convenient to Sun Lakes. They have a variety of hearing aids for any hearing loss and are professional in ongoing care.”

– Jean C., Sun Lakes

“The location is convenient (Baseline & Ellsworth). Anytime I have been in this location I never felt rushed. The last technician took his time and resolved the problem. This impressed my husband!”

– Myrna B., Mesa

“For many years I avoided gatherings with many people because of my hearing. Since I got these Oticon hearing aids (adjusted perfectly) I even went out and got a job in food service dealing with customers. Thank you Desert Hearing Care.”

– June W., Gilbert

“I received a good careful exam. The people are very friendly and helpful. The hearing aids help me to hear things I had not heard before. Now I can hear the T.V. and talk to my friends & family.”

– Juanita L., Apache Junction

“I am alone so everything was difficult, driving, seeing people and shopping. I now feel I have come alive.”

– Anne M., Mesa

“With the kind of service we have received from you two people, you would come highly recommended. My husband thinks your place is the one and only place to go.”

– Frieda D., Mesa

“I was pleased with the product, prices and service. The hearing aids do just what I wanted them to do and your location is convenient.”

– Richard S., Mesa

“Friendly, not pushy, very well qualified and you can’t help but love them. I would trust their help and care to anyone who would need their services.”

– Doris S., Sun Lakes

“You were very cooperative and I was well pleased with the after service.”

– Wilford B., Washington IL

“You were thorough and patient to explain details I did not understand.”

– Paul S., Mesa

“You were very helpful and professional and I had very good results with the digital hearing aids.”

– Werner P., Mesa

“They provide professional and experienced service after the sale.”

– W.M. , Mesa

“That it is a service owned and operated by an experienced professional couple that is honest and reliable.”

– Margaret A., Mesa

“We have already sent you a patient. We are very pleased with your services. I sent my aids to you from Wyoming and you did the necessary adjustments and returned them promptly.”

– Earl A., Mesa

“Gene and his staff are well qualified to solve hearing problems and are very efficient in their methods; they also live up to promises especially in follow-up after the purchase.”

– Hal A., Fountain Hills

“Desert Hearing Care is the best place that I have been to. Friendly service, we always have a laugh while we are there. The couple is always patient and they listen too.”

– Arndis N., Mesa

“I find your office very professional and friendly.”

– Julia E., Mesa

“I would recommend Desert Hearing Care because of the professionalism and care in explaining how the hearing aid works.”

– Gay W., Scottsdale

“You’re professional and friendly. I noticed that you had state of the art equipment.”

– Clifford C., Casa Grande

“My test was professional and efficient.”

– Lillian V., Billings MT

“I would use just one word – Honest!”

– Cathleen M., Mesa

“They are extremely professional and eager to please and speedy getting the aids to you when ordered. Always willing to help when you need it.”

– Bob B., Mesa

“I got my first hearing aid from Connie’s father over 30 years ago. I’ve continued to go because they have been honest and capable and take care of my needs.”

– Wallace B., Mesa

“The service is good and I would recommend you to anyone that asks about hearing aids.”

– John B., Mesa

“I have been with them for several years, and they have served me well.”

– Herand F., Mesa

“All of you are concerned – even the lady at the desk. You are patient in making adjustments for better hearing.”

– Dorothy G., Mesa

“My son plans to see you soon. You seem like old friends when you enter the office.”

– Arle C., Mesa

“Go to this place for they will care about you as a patient and meet all your needs.”

– Virginia O., Gold Canyon

“As I am a snowbird, I had trouble with my hearing aid, went to you and was taken care of promptly and speedy for which I am grateful.”

– Estelle W., Mesa

“They are the best hearing aids I have used over a period of approximately 15 years.”

– Earl B., Mesa

“They are very friendly and know what they are talking about. It was like night and day to better hear people talk without wondering what they said.”

– William H., Chandler

“My experience at Desert Hearing Care was very professional. I like the way my hearing aids clarify and sharpen certain high pitches. They also keep me from embarrassing situations where I would not understand the conversation.”

– Dorothy T., Mesa

“I would, and have, recommended Desert Hearing care to several friends. I am hearing better than I have for years!”

– Joyce B., Gold Canyon

“I would direct anyone who needs hearing aids to Desert Hearing Care. I am very well pleased with the help and information they provide.”

– Donald T., Apache Junction

“I couldn’t believe how much I was missing – birds chirping, family conversations, television programs, church talks and the ability to join in a conversation with everyone!”

– Bess W., Mesa

“Staff was very friendly and their explanations are complete. Hearing aids make life easier and more enjoyable for both partners!”

– David G., Apache Junction

“My experience was very satisfactory. The office is neat and the staff is courteous , professional and understanding.”

– R.K., Apache Junction

“I did not buy from Desert Hearing Care originally, but wish I had. I would consider buying from them if my current hearing aids quit working. Desert Hearing Care was able to update the settings so my hearing aids work better and I understand how to use them better thanks to them. I got what I needed and they were very ethical.”

– Bob B., Mesa

“I would recommend to friends. I have been well satisfied with service and staff. My hearing aids have helped to improve my ability to hear one on one and in groups at public functions.”

– John W., Sun Lakes

“The service is excellent and my hearing aid is high quality compared to others I have had from other clinics! Hearing aids are a worthwhile investment.”

– Angela D., Phoenix

“I have found Gene and the entire staff at Desert Hearing Care to be most helpful, kind, and courteous when I have needed them. I have tried to imagine what my life would be like without the benefit of having hearing aids, and it scares me! Without them, I think I am nearly deaf. Thank you to Gene Erickson and the entire staff for helping me hear and lead a normal life.”

– Chuck O., Mesa

“My hearing aids work wonderfully for me. A hearing aid I purchased at another place hurt my ear so badly I returned it. This would not happen at Desert Hearing Care.”

– Ahleen O., Apache Junction

“After wearing hearing aids for over 50 years, the ones from Desert Hearing Care have proven to be the best!.”

– Charles F., Mesa

“You really care that your patients are satisfied and do your utmost to take care of the problem. I’m truly glad to have my hearing problem remedied. I didn’t realize how much I was missing. Thank you!”

– Mary S., Mesa

“This practice provides the most up to date technology of hearing exams and devices today! After owning my vehicle for six years now I discovered a 4th beep in the door ajar system that I never heard before my new hearing aids.”

– Zachary K., Florence

“I am very pleased with my new hearing aids and I would recommend Desert Hearing Care to everyone. I can finally hear what everyone is saying!”

– Yvonne E., Mesa

“Desert Hearing Care gives an honest, no pressure, and professional evaluation. The most amazing part of using hearing aids is the hearing the birds. On our deck, or on the golf course, their songs are beautiful to hear!”

– Tom N., Mesa

“You were patient, efficient and kept me aware of what was going on. When I had a problem, you quickly fixed it. Thank you for your great service and friendly atmosphere, your whole staff is wonderful!”

– Dallas P., Mesa

“Everyone was friendly, efficient, caring and made the whole experience as stress-free as possible. It is so nice to carry on a conversation without asking people to repeat themselves or giving the wrong answer to a misunderstood question.”

– Emmy A., Mesa

“I felt very comfortable with Desert Hearing Care from the beginning. For the first time in quite awhile I can understand what people are saying instead of muffled sounds. Hearing aids have made a huge difference in my life and recommend not waiting any longer! I would recommend Desert Hearing Care to anyone having a hearing issue.”

– Michael H., Gilbert

“My new Phonak Naida SuperPower hearing aids and the icom have been a real blessing for me. I have never heard so much without the aids whistling. You can’t even start to understand how amazed and happy this makes me feel. I never realized in 50 years (it was just my birthday) how noisy the world really is but it is wonderful just to be able to hear it. As far as the cell phone goes, this is the best. People look at me like I am crazy talking to myself then they ask me how it works and they are amazed. The new technology is very expensive but what a difference. I would like to thank you for all your many years of great service and helping me to hear well.”

– John M., Mesa

“You were very thorough and patient in testing my ears and hearing aids. I can understand what people are saying and TV too now!”

– Dorothy L., Mesa

“Your service is very good and I am satisfied with my new hearing aids. It is better that I have had in the past years before I bought my hearing aid from Desert Hearing Care.”

– John B., Mesa

“Without my hearing aids, I would not know what is going on around me. I am very thankful for the modern technology. I can sing in the church choir and play the organ. I am busy most everyday in the public eye. No one even realizes that I wear hearing aids!”

– Irma R., Sun Lakes