Are you having issues with your hearing? If you are having difficulty hearing noises at normal volume, there is a good chance you might be experiencing hearing loss. This can be due to a physical illness or an underlying condition. It may also be caused by damaging your hearing from the exposure to intense or loud noises. In a case like this, an audiologist can run a hearing test to determine the severity and cause of your hearing loss.

But what are the signs that you should go see an audiologist and take a hearing test?

Normal volume sounds quiet

Check your TV. Is the volume set at a point that is a lot louder than it used to be? Try turning it down to the point where you know you used to set it. If it sounds significantly quieter, this may point to an issue with your hearing. You can do the same thing with personal listening devices such as earphones and cell phones. Sometimes it will take a while for your hearing to adjust to the quieter noise but if it is hard to hear at a normal level, there could be an issue with your hearing.

Having trouble hearing speech

You might also find that people constantly have to repeat themselves because you didn’t hear them the first time. Sometimes, this is because we are not picking up on the speech at a conscious level, as we are not focused on it. However, in other cases if someone is talking directly to you from a reasonable distance, a problem hearing can mean you should get your hearing tested.

Hearing noises, no one else can

You might also want to book a hearing test with an audiologist if you can hear noises that other people can’t. Usually, this means that you are hearing external noises from inside the ear and this can occur due to a variety of different reasons. It is a condition known as tinnitus, and it always points to the fact that there is a problem with your hearing. It can be treated, but first, it is important to diagnose the cause and make sure that it is nothing serious.

Hearing nothing

Finally, you might wake up one day and not be able to hear anything at all. Usually, this has been caused by an environmental factor. For instance, playing music too loudly can burst your eardrums resulting in sudden deafness. It can even be caused by an ear infection or perhaps be due to stress. Research has shown that stress and emotional issues can cause issues with hearing. As such, it is always important to get an issue like this checked out with a hearing test. An audiologist will also be able to tell you whether a problem is temporary or indeed permanent.

Any changes to your hearing should be checked out by an audiologist. Your audiologist will be able to determine if you’re suffering from hearing loss and what treatment will be best.