Hearing loss is an incredibly common and isolating condition. From interrupting your daily conversations to making communication difficult on the job, hearing loss can negatively invade your life in a number of ways. If you’re concerned you may be suffering from hearing loss, do not delay treatment any longer. Use these four simple methods to find an audiologist in your area.

1. The internet

Finding an audiologist in your area is just a few clicks of a button away! To locate an audiologist in your area using the internet, simply open your favorite search engine (like Google or Bing) and type in the following terms: “audiologist” and your city. The search results should display a list of audiologists in and around your city. Click on the audiologist’s websites and learn a little more about their practices before settling on one. Check out the location and hours to ensure they’re convenient to your daily life, in addition to services offered, payment methods, staff and any patient reviews.

2. Your family doctor

Chances are you already have a family doctor you trust and confide in. Because they’re a member of the medical community, they probably have a list of trusted specialists they can recommend to you when searching for an audiologist. You already have a positive relationship with your primary care physician, so you can trust they will only recommend an audiologist that they feel confident and comfortable with as well.

3. Your friends and family

Because hearing loss is such a widespread issue, chances are pretty good you already know someone who has seen an audiologist. Talk to friends and family members about any audiologists in the area they have seen and if there are any they would recommend or steer clear from. Talking to your friends and family members about the audiologist they’ve seen allows you an intimate look at what care you may expect from the provider.

4. Professional organizations

There are a number of professional hearing organizations that allow you to search for a certified and qualified audiologist in your area. Visit the websites for American Academy of Audiology and American Speech-Hearing-Language Association and use their search criteria to locate an audiologist in your city.

Selecting the right audiologist is an essential part in receiving the care you deserve and need. Once you’ve found a few candidates you’re interested in, contact their office and talk to their staff to learn more about the practice.