Finding the right audiologist is not as hard as you might think. From the internet to friends and family, there are a number of easy ways to find the best professional for your needs. When looking for your audiologist, consider these four methods of selecting the best one.  

1. Internet search

The internet offers the answer to pretty much everything these days, so it’s not surprising that this is the best place to start. Add your location to your search term to narrow down your results page and find more local audiologists. You can also use the search tool to find specialist audiologists who might be more suited for your needs.

The only disadvantage of an internet search is that you won’t get an objective recommendation. You will still need to read through their website and most likely go in person before you can really get a feel for this particular audiologist.

2. Friends and family

So many people are using hearing aids these days that it is highly likely that you will know someone who has already done plenty of research and can make a recommendation to you. Friends and family are great for this because they know you well so will be able to tell you honestly whether a particular audiologist they know will work for you or not.

Knowing someone else who uses a particular audiologist is also a good thing if you are a bit nervous about going to an appointment. They will be able to walk you through what will happen and prepare you a little bit better.

3. Physician referral

In most areas, healthcare professionals tend to know each other and are able to recommend each other too. This is great for you because your doctor knows you well and they can make a good suggestion based on results as well as how friendly the audiologist is.

Asking your doctor is a good idea if you have never been to an audiologist before and you aren’t really sure what to expect. And don’t forget, your doctor will be hearing about the audiologists in the area from their patients too so will have a good understanding of general opinions.

4. Insurance

One of the downsides to all of the first three methods is that you don’t necessarily know whether a recommended audiologist will be covered by your insurance company. The best way to find out is to give them a call and see what professional they have on their list for your area. If nothing else, this might help narrow down the options so that you can choose an audiologist where coverage and recommendation overlap. While insurance assistance for hearing loss is still hit and miss with many policies, you may find the testing is covered. Speak with your insurance representative to find out what benefits you qualify for.