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Jonathan Ramirez-Lira, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology

Meet Jonathan Ramirez-Lira, Au.D.

A Love Story

“When I discovered the field of audiology in college I was immediately drawn to it after learning about how hearing aids work to improve a person’s hearing. The more I learned about various technologies that could be used to treat various hearing losses, the more motivated I was to go into audiology. It is the reason I have passion for the field of Audiology, and a commitment to my patients to help them achieve a better quality of life”.

Education: Doctorate in Audiology, Arizona State University; Bachelor’s of Science, Speech Pathology, University of Nevada, Reno

Contributions: Humanitarian trips to Africa and Mexico, providing audiological services to those in need.

Personal Interests: I consider myself a nerd and enjoy all things related to comic books and science fiction. I deeply enjoy visiting local comic book shops to get the latest comic issue or to just hang out with other comic book lovers. I also love cooking Mexican food. I’m always cooking my family’s recipes my mother and grandmother have taught me. I enjoy this the most as I get to cook the meals that I loved growing up, and hopefully cook these meals when I have my own family. I also like woodworking and creating small decorative pieces for my home or as gifts for friends and family.

Quality Care To Patients

“I enjoy interacting with patients and their family to improve their quality of life. I find it rewarding when patients come back for their follow-up appointments and tell me about how they were able to hear their spouse better, or how they were able to once again participate in a conversation with a group of friends. It’s always nice to hear that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life and helped them hear loved one’s again.

Committed To Every Individual Patient

“I believe patients are consumers in a large and growing healthcare market, and they deserve high- quality individualized customer care. I make sure I am up to date and trained on today’s technically advanced hearing aids so that I can always provide the best services to each patient. I also treat each patient as if they were one of my family members and make sure that I am providing them with the best services as if I was providing those services to one of my loved ones.”