With Christmas quickly approaching and the malls already decorated with different shades of red and green, it’s important to get any last minute shopping out of the way! The holidays can cause isolation for individuals with hearing loss, so it’s important to find simple way to include them.

An easy way to make a difference is by inspiring people through thoughtful and handy Christmas presents. Here are some unique gift ideas for people with hearing loss:

Toys That Spread Hearing Loss Awareness

Research says that children are at an all-time high risk of hearing loss due to their exposure to extreme noise levels. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), approximately two or three out of every 1,000 children in the United States are born with hearing loss in one or both ears. Therefore, spreading awareness among this age group can have a huge impact on the overall prevalence of hearing loss.

Some companies have started manufacturing toys to teach children about hearing loss. American Girl Dolls, for example, have the aim of “helping girls become their very best.” For this purpose, the company is offering removable doll-sized hearing aids for their 18-inch dolls for $14 at retail stores and doll hospitals. The idea is to create a toy which speaks for diversity and inclusion, in addition to making hearing aids a common sight so that children wearing them becomes commonplace to see.

Jewelry for Hearing Loss Patients

Several online websites have created customized jewelry items to spread hearing health awareness. For example, DeafGifts.com’s “I LOVE YOU” sign language earrings, pendants, pins and bracelets are an excellent way to add a little sparkle in someone’s life.

Another great gift idea for a patient of hearing loss is a vibrating wristwatch. The wristwatch can be programmed to set off an alarm on the designated time to alert the person wearing it.

Books for Inspiration

One of the most effective ways of touching someone’s life and inspiring them is gifting them a book. What could be a better Christmas gift for an individual with hearing loss than a storybook that aims to increase their understanding about hearing loss? There are several storybooks for children with characters that spread awareness about hearing loss, such as “A Button in Her Ear,” “I’m Deaf and It’s Okay,” “Jessi’s Secret Language (Baby-Sitters Club),” and “Missing (Hear No Evil).”

Hearing Protection

Although not as common, hearing protection can be an incredibly useful gift. For children, try ear muffs and for adults you can opt for safety headphones to be used during activities, such as hunting, snowmobiling or motorcycle riding.