Gene Erickson, Owner and Practice Director of Desert Hearing Care is asking for your help to identify outstanding people with hearing loss in the East Valley for the 2016 Oticon Focus on People Awards. The national awards program celebrates the accomplishments of people with hearing loss who demonstrate that hearing loss does not limit a person’s ability to achieve, contribute and excel.   
Prizes include cash awards, donations to winners’ favorite charities and Oticon BrainHearing™ hearing instruments. Mr. Erickson says the benefits go far beyond the prizes.

“When we recognize the achievements of people with hearing loss, we create awareness that helps eliminate negative stereotypes that discourage people from seeking help for hearing loss,” he explains. “The individuals honored by this award are changing perceptions of what it means to have a hearing loss. And by doing this, they are opening doors of opportunity for all people with hearing loss.”  

There are no typical winners.  In 18 years, Oticon Focus on People Award winners have included high achieving students, scholar athletes, dedicated volunteers, successful business people, bloggers, civic leaders and more. Awards are offered in four categories:  Student, Adult, Advocacy (for volunteers) and Hearing Care Professional. People with any degree of hearing loss – from mild to severe — are eligible.

Mr. Erickson encourages anyone who knows an individual with hearing loss who stands out as a role model for all to contact him at Desert Hearing Care, (480) 374-1846 or via email to
[email protected].  Deadline for nominations is May 15, 2016.