Ashley Wright P5E (002).jpgDr. Ashley Wright, Au.D. is a Scottsdale, Arizona native and recent graduate of Arizona State University where she earned her Doctorate in Audiology.  Prior to joining the Desert Hearing Care family, Ashley spent a year working with some of our Nation’s Veterans at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, where she was able to help Veteran’s and their families improve communication by using some of today’s most advanced hearing technology. 

Ashley is no stranger to understanding how difficult a hearing-impaired world can be, as she herself has a slight hearing loss in her right ear.  At the age of seven, she suffered from ear infections that resulted in a perforated eardrum and required multiple surgeries to correct.  Her personal journey lead her into a passionate career in helping others who have experienced hearing loss and allows her to relate to her patients and their frustrations with daily communication challenges. 

Ashley will be working at our Mesa office.  If you’re visiting Desert Hearing Care, please take the time to say hello to Ashley, because she is ready to get to know you and how she can help you achieve a better quality of life!