How are you protecting your investment?

Dry & Store is the most effective way to care for hearing instruments of all types, including traditional hearing aids and cochlear implant equipment. Utilizing the same principle as clothes drying on a line, Dry & Store gently circulates warm, dry air around your hearing aids. Then our specially-formulated Dry-Brik® desiccant captures the moisture. So it’s gone. Completely.

The result: Most users report better sound quality and fewer repairs.

Simple. Automatic. Safe.

Since all of its patented technologies are contained in one fullyautomated unit, Dry & Store is incredibly easy to use. Every night before you go to bed, simply place your hearing aids in the tray (batteries and all) and press the ON button.

That’s it! While you sleep, Dry & Store dries and conditions, then turns itself off.

When you wake up, your hearing aids are ready to go. They’ll sound better – more powerful, more crisp – and they’ll feel more comfortable, too.

Hearing aids harbor germs. Dry & Store kills them.*

There’s something else you should know. Germs live in your ear canal, and they thrive in that warm, humid environment. They can cause odors, itching, irritation, even infections. You can treat the ear canal, but unless you kill the germs that take up residence on your hearing aids, they’ll be carried right back into your ear the next day.

Thankfully, there’s a germicidal lamp inside Dry & Store Professional and Global units that destroys 99.9% of the micro-organisms that are most likely to cause those problems. Now you can start every day with fresh, clean hearing aids.

*Germicidal lamp available in Professional and Global models only.

You can purchase your Global II at Desert Hearing Care. Visit one of our convenient east valley locations today!