While hearing loss is one of the most common issues for people as they age, untreated hearing loss can impact the brain in a way like nothing else – and it's not a positive thing. Anyone who believes that they may be experiencing hearing loss should make an appointment with an audiologist as soon as possible. While you may not need hearing aids, it can be a comfort to know that hearing aids have been shown to delay dementia in the older population. Receiving the right treatment for your hearing loss is important, and that's why it's essential that you choose the right audiologist for the job!

Hearing aids are one of the best solutions for many people, and those who are tested early enough can receive the right treatment for their issue. Below, we're going to talk through how hearing aids can delay dementia.

Dementia and hearing loss are connected

There is a very clear link between dementia and hearing loss, and it's been studied in a variety of research papers conducted by professionals. The study outcomes are clear that those who have hearing loss are at more of a risk of developing those early signs of dementia, and it's a closer link than people think. 

The longer you wait to seek treatment for hearing loss, the more likely you are to experience cognitive decline. This is because your ears and brain are unable to pick up and process sound the way they used to, leaving the cognitive function to atrophy. When most people consider hearing loss, they don't consider dementia as so many just don't know that it's a risk of untreated hearing loss.

Treatment helps the brain

Some studies have proven that treating the hearing loss that is being experienced can help the brain, and whether it's the use of hearing aids after an appointment with an audiologist that helps, or it's using hearing protection in everyday activities, the damage that occurs to the brain can be slowed right back and even stopped. 

It can make a big difference to your health to treat your hearing loss, and when you don't have to deal with the frustration of hearing loss, you can live a happier life. Your hearing loss treatment can make a huge difference to your health, and so it's important to keep on top of your appointments with your audiologist and know that you are getting the right treatment.

The slow down

Did you know that hearing aids could slow the progression of dementia by up to 75%? Many people aren't aware that when they are using hearing aids, they're helping their hearing more than they know. This is huge, and the impact should show that your hearing is not something that you should take for granted or overlook. 

You should be looking after your hearing in the same way you would your eyesight if you needed to ensure that you could see. The onset of dementia can be avoided, and the symptoms that come with it can be avoided, too, if you see an audiologist and get the right help.

Hearing loss can be untreated

We don't always notice when we are losing our hearing. In fact, when it's undetected it's also untreated. The damage to the brain can still be occurring even when you don't notice the hearing loss happening. It's a risk to your long-term health to not act on your hearing loss, but if you are not aware of it, hearing appointments are important anyway! This could help you catch hearing loss before it declines severely, and hearing aids could prevent it from worsening and slow down that dementia onset we mentioned earlier.

New technology available

Hearing aids are not just bulky aids on the back of the ears these days. There are plenty of options for hearing aids, which gives you the chance to wear new technology and enjoy something that will help your hearing, delay dementia and make you feel fantastic all at the same time. If you can enjoy a brand new smartphone when there is one, you will be able to enjoy new hearing aid technology that could prevent dementia from developing over time.

Schedule a hearing test today

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