The feeling of frustration that accompanies a situation in which you are unable to absorb what is happening in your environment is a very unpleasant feeling. One of the most effective means that our body has to absorb what is happening in its environment is the sense of hearing, and when it is damaged, it can have a significant impact on our lives – at home and in the workplace.

While there are many reasons for hearing loss, the issues that come along with them can be problematic, especially for those with a blossoming career. If you know that your hearing is not sharp, then you could be decreasing your work quality life. Taking the leap to get a hearing test with an audiologist, could be a brilliant career move because a hearing aid could vastly improve your career.

A recent survey states that the percentage of people employed among hearing impairments is lower than among people who are not hearing impaired, in all age groups. In the main working ages, the share of people with severe hearing impairment is 75%. That is why better hearing can contribute to a number of benefits for you. Here are some reasons why this could be the case.

Improve Your Confidence

Better hearing will naturally improve your confidence. Before, when you struggled to hear your colleagues in a noisy environment, or had difficulty hearing people on the phone, you will now be able to communicate freely and this will give you a confidence boost. You will have the confidence to speak up and be heard as well as be able to hear back and this will serve you well across all areas of your career.

If before you had put off taking the leap for a new position, you can now enter your interview with confidence, knowing that your hearing is not a problem. The confidence to hear clearly and be able to speak confidently, is going to really be a huge boost. Better hearing contributes to the way you feel and no longer will you feel as if you can’t join in with conversations and meetings like other team members do.

You Will Be Able to Communicate Better

Your communication will vastly improve, therefore creating a better work life. When you can hear well, you will not be having to chase people for information that you didn’t quite catch the first time, and you will also be able to talk to people freely, getting information and discussing important matters.

Things will be improved on telephone calls or video calls for example. You will be able to voice opinions and communicate the way you are expected in your work. If you work in a busy environment for example, then communication between yourself and the customer may be hindered without good hearing assistance. Once you have the help that you need, you will find that you are setting new targets and have a newfound happiness.

Able to Participate in More in Activity

You may have shied away from after work drinks or day activities with the team because you are worried that you won’t be able to keep up or communicate freely. With better hearing, you won’t feel the need to say no as much. You will be able to further bond with your team, without having to ask them to repeat things or completely dismiss the fact that your hearing is not as clear as it used to be. In this instance, participating more in group activities is going to be something that you will be able to do immediately.

This is going to improve your relationship with your team members, show that you are willing and sociable and give you a feeling of better fitting in as you will be able to talk happily to them. You are a valued team member, but you can be a more confident one in your career if you have better hearing.

It’s certainly time to let your career take off, the way you deserve. Don’t be held back by poor hearing. When you can hear crisp and clear, you can take new steps towards the goals that you have at work and in your personal life.

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