If you are like most people who visit the audiologist, you are trying to get help for an issue with your auditory system. It could be because you feel pressure in your ear, because you are having hearing loss, because you are hearing buzzing noises in your ear or for other reasons. However, no matter what may be behind your hearing problems, audiologists can often be extremely helpful. Here is how they can help you with your hearing problems.

1. Earwax removal

Earwax impaction, or a clogged ear canal, can create hearing issues. You may not even know if your ear has a wax impaction if you are experiencing hearing issues. However, if your ear is clogged with wax, then your audiologist can use special tools to remove it. This can help to restore normal hearing in your ears.

2. Hearing testing

If you suspect that something is wrong with your hearing, then audiologists can provide you with hearing tests. Hearing tests can help the audiologist understand exactly what the degree of your hearing loss is, and also can give insights about the nature of this hearing loss.

3. Hearing aid fittings

Oftentimes, people who have hearing loss require hearing aids in order to be able to hear properly again. If you fall in this category, audiologists can help you to find the hearing aids that will be best for you and your hearing levels and ear shape. They can then help program them for your ears and give you instructions on how to use them properly.

4. Identifying problematic medications

Occasionally, people take medications that can have a negative impact on their hearing. Sometimes certain medications can cause tinnitus. Your audiologist can look at the medications you are taking, and check to see if they think there are any that could be problematic.

5. Lifestyle recommendations

Audiologists can give you a wide variety of lifestyle recommendations that can help you to optimize your hearing and to avoid any further hearing loss. For example, an audiologist may tell you things such as that you should wear earplugs when you mow the lawn or use a leaf blower.

An audiologist will be your partner in receiving the care and treatment you need for hearing loss, as well as a number of other conditions. Locate an audiologist in your area and schedule an appointment to have your hearing health evaluated today!