Individuals suffering from hearing loss are usually frustrated since they cannot keep up with their daily activities or are deprived of energy. These experiences are all connected to a common side-effect of hearing loss, identified as hearing loss fatigue. Unfortunately, a majority of people suffering from poor hearing abilities do not even know that their difficulty in hearing is the cause of their fatigue.

What Causes the Fatigue?

Once you develop hearing difficulties, meaning that you can no longer hear properly, the other organs in your body tend to get fatigued. How? Well, to deal with the traumatizing condition of hearing loss, you are required to make every effort you can with your other senses (utilize all visual and auditory clues at your disposal) to comprehend and understand sound. Thus, this additional form of concentration and energy needed to follow a dialogue can leave you feeling weary.

According to researchers and doctors, every part of our brain plays a significant role. A hard-of-hearing person has to think, concentrate and put great effort into hearing compared to a person who can hear perfectly fine. Thus, if you have a difficult time hearing, you will notice that you feel completely tired, mostly after engaging in a long conversation or watching a movie. Additionally, fatigue can be worsened by depression, stress, and anxiety, which are all symptoms of hearing loss.

How to Deal with Hearing Loss Fatigue

The following three tips can help you overcome or fight the fatigue.

1. Rest, Rest, And Rest Again:

During long conversations or meetings, take breaks by finding a quiet place outside where you can relax and take deep breaths. In doing so, you reduce stress and ease anxieties, thus rejuvenating your ability to listen and lip-read without stress. If you had a tiring morning at work, take a brisk walk alone in the park to relieve your ears. Also, ensure you get enough sleep at night to avoid morning fatigue.

2. Use Hearing Aids:

Use hearing aids that are specially designed for you and fit well in your ears. Hearing aids relieve your ears from putting in additional effort and facilitate easy hearing. If fitted and programmed well, hearing aids are proven to reduce the stress commonly found in those suffering from some form of hearing loss. However, at the end of a busy day, you can rest from listening for a bit. You should turn off your TV and radio. However, you can still relax by reading a book before going to bed as a leisure activity. The key is to allow your ears a listening break from time to time.  

3. Do Not Shy Away From Medical Assistance

Those who have let their hearing issues go untreated for a long period of time should seek medical attention and let a doctor help. Since your body uses extra energy to compensate for your hearing deficit, it is better to see an audiologist and discover the best solutions to fight hearing loss fatigue. An audiologist can offer you additional tips and approaches to deal with the side effects of hearing loss.