Eventually, your hearing aids will need repair. After depending on your hearing aids to help you get the most out of the world around you, the idea of a sudden loss of one or both of your hearing aids might make you feel anxious. Don’t worry, here’s what to expect when your hearing aids need repairs.

Before you take in for repair

Some repairs are minor and can be performed at home. If your hearing aids aren’t working the way they used to, take them out and clean them thoroughly.

As you clean them, check for any cracks or other visible signs of damage. If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem of if you see visible signs of damage, it’s time to take them in for repair.

Where to Take them

The first question you will probably have is where should I take them? The obvious answer is to return them to the place where you purchased them.

This is one reason it pays to buy your hearing aids from an audiologist and not on-line or at a big box store. If there is ever a problem, the audiologist can usually make the repair in office. If your hearing aids are still under warranty, the audiologist will be able to handle the warranty claim on your behalf.

So, start by calling your audiologist.

What happens next?

Once at the audiologist, your hearing aids will be inspected. Many repairs are minor and can be made while you wait.

Tubing may need to be replaced or maybe the microphone screen must be cleaned or replaced. The audiologist can also check the programming. If the hearing aid must be returned to the manufacturer (for a complete chip replacement) the audiologist will take care of this for you. If your hearing aid is more than five years old, the audiologist will discuss replacement versus repair options.

Warranty or extended insurance

Most hearing aids have a complete one-year loss or damage warranty. After that period, a manufacturer’s defect warranty will cover the hearing aid for an additional period.

Some audiologists offer third party extended warranty or insurance services.

Taking your hearing aid in need of repair to the audiologist from whom you purchased it ensures that you can take full advantage of any warranty or insurance you may have purchased.

Loaner hearing aids

Most audiologists offer loaner hearing aids if your hearing aid must be sent off for repair. Since hearing aid technology changes so rapidly, a loaner hearing aid is a perfect way to try a new model, style or new features.

If your hearing aid isn’t delivering the quality of sound to which you are accustomed, don’t delay. Call the audiologist and take it in for inspection right away.