It can take a little while to get to know your new hearing aids. Many modern devices come with a variety of setting and functions, so try not to get frustrated if you can’t figure it all out right away. If your hearing aid is not working as you expect it to, or something goes wrong, read the five common questions about hearing aids below. If there is a problem it could be easily remedied or you may find that you need to call your audiologist.

  1. My hearing aid hurts when I put it in my ear, should I contact my audiologist? Yes, if this happens regularly you should contact your audiologist. It could be that you are inserting the device incorrectly or that the hearing aid itself may need to be adjusted.
  2. When my hearing aid is on the ‘loop’ setting I cannot hear people close to me talking. This is normal; the loop setting on your hearing aid is designed to cut out sound from the normal microphone so that you can focus on the sound coming in via the loop system. Many hearing aids can be adjusted so that the microphone and loop setting work simultaneously; speak to your audiologist if this is what you would prefer.
  3. Why is my hearing aid making a high-pitched, whistling sound? This sound is referred to as feedback and it usually happens when something has interfered with the way your hearing aid fits in your ear. A number of things can cause feedback such as wax or debris build-up, or a change in the shape of your ear (our ears keep growing throughout adulthood). If feedback occurs you should try gently cleaning your hearing aids and ears; if this does not solve the problem you should contact your audiologist.
  4. Why is my hearing aid beeping? Hearing aids can beep for a few different reasons; it could mean that the battery is running low or that the volume or program has been changed. If the beeping is not resolved by replacing the batteries, contact your audiologist or refer to your instruction manual for more information.
  5. What should I do if my hearing aid gets wet? Even a little moisture can be very damaging for hearing aids, so if you have accidentally worn your hearing aids into the shower or swimming pool, it is best that you switch them off and seek advice from your audiologist immediately.

Your hearing aids are complex pieces of technology and should be treated that way. With the proper care and maintenance, your hearing aids should have a long lifespan. If you notice any problems with your devices don’t hesitate to contact your audiologist for more information.