Our Hearing Professionals

Gene K. Erickson

Gene K. Erickson
Owner & Practice Director

Board Certified - Hearing Instrument Sciences
A.C.A. - Audioprosthologist

A Tradition of Helping People Hear Clearly

“Hearing Care is advancing faster than the speed of sound. Breakthroughs like digital and wireless technology are assuring people a richer, more pure sound quality than ever before. That’s why I never stop training. I know how much depends on your hearing. I want you to know your hearing can depend on me.”

Education: Graduate degree from University of Colorado; Undergraduate from Concordia College; Board Certified - Hearing Instrument Sciences; Audioprosthologist

A family tradition of hearing care: Second Generation Hearing Care Practice since 1968

Extensive postgraduate education: Annual continuing education and training in hearing care practices and revolutionary digital and wireless hearing instrument technology

A Heart You Can Trust

“People with hearing difficulties retreat into isolation, enduring sounds of silence instead of enjoying their grandchildren’s giggles. That’s why I regularly speak at seminars and senior communities. Some patients won’t reach out for the help they need. I make sure it reaches out to them.”

Lecturer: Seminars and area senior communities

Author: Consumer education series, The Arizona Republic; Patient blog, www.DesertHearingCare.com

Member: International Hearing Society, Arizona Hearing Health Care Providers

“I’ll never cut you off in the middle of a sentence, talk to your spouse instead of you, or make an adjustment in the programming of your instrument without explaining it to you first.

What I will do is listen to you, learn from you, and involve you in the process. It’s the only way to know which technology is really right for you.

I’m proud of the credentials on this page. They reflect my commitment to keeping abreast of the latest breakthroughs in hearing care. I never forget that a professional’s personal qualifications; thoughtfulness, compassion, and dedication make the biggest difference in your world full of sound.

Jonathan Ramirez-Lira, Au.D.

Jonathan Ramirez-Lira, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology

A Love Story

“When I discovered the field of audiology in college I was immediately drawn to it after learning about how hearing aids work to improve a person’s hearing. The more I learned about various technologies that could be used to treat various hearing losses, the more motivated I was to go into audiology. It is the reason I have passion forthe field of Audiology, and a commitment to my patients to help them achieve a better quality of life”.

Education: Doctorate in Audiology, Arizona State University; Bachelor’s of Science, Speech Pathology, University of Nevada, Reno

Contributions: Humanitarian trips to Africa and Mexico, providing audiological services to those in need.

Personal Interests: I consider myself a nerd and enjoy all things related to comic books and science fiction. I deeply enjoy visiting local comic book shops to get the latest comic issue or to just hang out with other comic book lovers. I also love cooking Mexican food. I’m always cooking my family’s recipes my mother and grandmother have taught me. I enjoy this the most as I get to cook the meals that I loved growing up, and hopefully cook these meals when I have my own family. I also like woodworking and creating small decorative pieces for my home or as gifts for friends and family.

Quality Care To Patients

“I enjoy interacting with patients and their family to improve their quality of life. I find it rewarding when patients come back for their follow-up appointments and tell me about how they were able to hear their spouse better, or how they were able to once again participate in a conversation with a group of friends. It’s always nice to hear that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life and helped them hear loved one’s again.

Committed To Every Individual Patient

“I believe patients are consumers in a large and growing healthcare market, and they deserve high- quality individualized customer care. I make sure I am up to date and trained on today’s technically advanced hearing aids so that I can always provide the best services to each patient. I also treat each patient as if they were one of my family members and make sure that I am providing them with the best services as if I was providing those services to one of my loved ones.”

Emma Durivage, Au.D.

Emma Durivage, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology

Advocate for Hearing Loss

“In high school, I met a friend who had been born with hereditary hearing loss. It was my first interaction with someone who wore hearing aids and needed them in order to participate in everyday life. She inspired me to do more research about the field of audiology and become an advocate for those who have hearing loss.” 

Education: Doctorate in Audiology, Arizona State University; Bachelor’s of Science, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Arizona State University

Contributions: I have volunteered at the HLAA Walk for Hearing organization multiple years in a row. It is a great event that brings attention to hearing loss and promotes the importance of hearing health. I have also volunteered my time conducting employee hearing screenings through Arizona State University. I have been involved in multiple aural rehabilitation groups for adults with hearing loss and their spouses. The program helped patients understand their hearing loss and how to effectively use their hearing devices as well as helping the spouses learn how to better communicate with their loved one. 

Personal Interests: My hobbies include baking sweet treats, playing with my dog, and shopping with my mom and grandmother. 

Rewarding Career

“I find it rewarding when a patient returns for a follow up and is excited about their hearing instruments. It is a great feeling knowing that they were able to participate in conversations with their spouse easier, go out to a restaurant with friends, or understand their favorite TV show better.”

Committed To Every Individual Patient

“I feel that the way I can best help those with a hearing impairment is with my counseling skills. I believe that one of the most important aspects of an appointment is to get to the root of a patient’s needs. I pride myself on giving patient-centered care and allowing the patient to be involved in the process of better hearing. I base my recommendations and treatments by listening to my patient’s concerns.” 


Director of First Impressions at Mesa

Amanda is our Director of First Impressions at our Mesa location.  She has always had a passion for helping others and working in hearing healthcare she finds that she can have a direct, more personal experience and influence in helping others.  “When I am working with a patient and I see the result of our services and how happy they are when they leave here, it’s very rewarding knowing that we helped them in a positive way.”  Amanda gets to work with patients every day and be a part of making their lives better. “There is no better feeling than knowing that I had a part in changing their life for the better.”

Amanda is responsible for providing exceptional patient care to everyone visiting Desert Hearing Care. Her attitude and dedication have a direct impact on exceeding our patient’s hearing care expectations. Going above and beyond is just part of the job and very rewarding to her.

Outside of the office, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family, especially outdoors.  She loves nature, going on walks, bike rides, and camping. She also enjoys bowling and softball.

Call Amanda at our Mesa office to schedule an appointment for all your hearing health care needs.

Monica Sanchez

Monica Sanchez
Director of Community Outreach

A Passion for Patient Centered, Customer Service

 “I’ve been in the medical field for over 20 years now, and throughout that time, I understood that what makes me the happiest is helping others.  Whether it be in my personal or professional life, I love knowing that the work I do is benefitting others in a positive way.  My goal is to always provide the best possible care to every patient that walks through our doors.” 

“I chose the hearing health care field because health care has always been a passion for me.  There is always someone to help or something to help with.  I have been in dental, urgent care, pediatric, and surgical facilities over the last 20 years.  The hearing care field jumped out at me very recently and has become something I admire.  As I get older, I notice that those I love around me, are sometimes struggling to hear the close conversations or sounds around them.  I cannot imagine a world without sound myself because I love music so much, and I would never want anyone to have to forget what their favorite song may have sounded like.”

“As the Director of Community Outreach, it is my responsibility to help patients understand who we are and what we do.  We use our website, social media tools, and community outreach events to educate prospective patients.  I am also able to assist our staff and our patients with daily office functions, questions regarding insurance benefits or general questions regarding patient appointments.”

Hearing Care is Health Care

“Within the first couple of weeks of starting at Desert Hearing Care, I knew I was where I wanted to be.  The sweetest lady came in, and she knew right away I was new to the practice.  She told me she had been having such a hard time hearing out of her aids, and she was worried they may need to be sent for repair.  I asked her kindly if she would let me have them for a few minutes to see what I could do for her.  She graciously handed over her hearing aids and told me that she had all the faith in the world in me because they would only hire the best here.  That definitely gave me a little boost of confidence!  In the end, all her hearing aids needed was a little TLC.  I was able to clean them up for her and change her wax guards.  When I asked her to give them a try, she was so grateful and thankful.  It was 100% difference for her.  She gave me a big hug, which for me, solidified my feeling that I made the right choice when I decided to work at Desert Hearing Care”.

My Life Outside of Desert Hearing Care

“I am a native of Mesa, Arizona, and have been here my whole life.  I travel as often as possible to my two favorite destinations, snow (Colorado) and sand (Hawaii).  When I am not traveling, you will find me spending time with my family, 2 nieces, my dog & boyfriend, or at the gym.  I stay as active as possible because I never want to miss out on something amazing!  And if I need to slow down a little, I always curl up with a great book”.

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