You have found an audiologist near you. You have booked the appointment and you are now waiting to go to the appointment. Questions are constantly running through your head. You are wondering what to expect and what will happen during your appointment. You are probably contemplating what questions you should ask and what questions can be saved for later or will be answered during the appointment. Here is a little cheat sheet to help you sort out some questions you may want to ask your audiologist during your appointment.

  • Cost: The overall cost of treating your hearing loss can be tricky to discuss in the beginning. You need to ensure you understand and know all costs that may arise during or after your appointment, so be sure to discuss with your audiologist the cost of appointments, hearing aids and any other fees that may arise during your appointment or future visits.
  • Testing: You want to know and understand the testing process. Be sure to ask your audiologist to go over with you in detail the testing procedures. What hearing tests will be performed and why? What other tests may be needed and how do they help? Once all of the tests have been completed be sure to go over the test results in detail with your audiologist. If you do not understand anything be sure to ask them to clarify for you.
  • Time: Ask your audiologist how long the appointment will be. This will help you to budget your time accordingly and will also help the audiologist know and understand if you only have a certain timeframe that you can be away from work or before the children get home from school. Ensuring you are both on the same page when it comes to appointment length is important to keep your visits on track.
  • Causes: Discuss with your audiologist the causes of hearing loss. This can help you to understand why you may have a hearing loss and how to prevent future rapid hearing loss. Understanding your type of hearing loss and the can help you to better accept and adjust to the condition.
  • Services: Clarify with your audiologist the services that they provide. Do they only test hearing? Do they dispense hearing aids? Do they refer out for other services? Do they specialize in a specific area of hearing loss? Be sure the audiologist you have chosen it able to accommodate you and your needs both personally and with your hearing loss.

Your first appointment with your audiologist will be a busy – but exciting one! If you have any additional questions for your audiologist prior to your appointment, don’t be afraid to call the office and discuss your concerns.