Picking the right medical professional, of any kind, for you is sometimes a very hard task to undertake. You must and need to make sure that they are there for you and understand your wants and needs. You need to make sure they are open and available to you. Here are a few tips to think about when trying to select the right audiologist for you.

Consider hours of operation

What are their hours of operation? Are they open late or on weekends? Do they make house calls? As you ask yourself these questions remember what your life is like. What hours do you work? Do you work evenings or weekends? You need to make sure that you can make it to their office and that it is open for you when you are available to make it as well.

Consider location of office

Where is the clinic located? Is there ample parking? Do you have to pay for parking? Do they have multiple office locations that may work for you? How long will it take you to get to the office via any mode of transportation that you may want or wish to use? You must take into consideration the commute time to and from your location and the office. Location and hours of operation go hand in hand so be sure to consider both of these together.

Consider availability

Are they available any day of the week or only on certain days and time? Is there a long wait list to get in? Is there a long wait list for follow-up appointments? You need to consider their availability and your schedule. If you cannot get in for six months will you still be able to make the appointment? If the follow-up appointment is not for a years’ time will you still be able to make it? Choose an audiologist that can be available to you and your needs.

Consider costs and payment programs

Is there a cost for the initial appointment? Is there a cost for follow-up appointments? Is there a cost for phone call questions? Is there a cancelation fee? Check to see what the costs are prior to booking, as you do not want to be stuck with any unexpected fees come appointment day.

Specialization: What does the audiologist specialize in? Do they specialize in a certain area of the hearing health? Do they specialize in a specific age group? Check to see if the audiologist specializes in a specific area or if they are open.

Consider audiologist credentials

Check the credentials of the audiologist; in other words their schooling background. See where they went to school, how long it took them and how long they have been practicing. You may want to check with the school they got their degree from to make sure they passed and to also check out the credentials of the school as well. You may also want to check with the local audiologist association to see if the school or audiologist are a member.